1.Purpose of this policy

This policy for the use of 
cookies  , respectively of similar technologies, refers to specific files, called "cookies", used on the website  www.ultraproffie.com , operated by RSX Engineering S.R.L.(further referred to as: ‘We’, ‘Company’, ‘Ultraproffie’ or ‘Website’)
The information presented in this document is intended to inform the users of this website about the placement, use and administration of cookies by RSX Engineering S.R.L. in the user's browsing of this website.

2. Who we are

RSX Engineering S.R.L.
is a Romanian company located in Timisoara, Romania. Address: 11, Apateu st. 300543.

3. What are cookies?

Cookies are text files, modules or similar technologies that your browser can store when you visit our site. Through them we collect information automatically to give you an optimal personalized browsing experience.
A cookie is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, stored on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone through which you access the Internet. These cookies are installed via a web server request to your browser (eg Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.). Once installed, the cookies have a fixed duration and remain passive. Specifically, cookies do not contain malware or access information from your hard drive. The cookie is made up of two parts: its name and content or value. Technically, only the webserver that sent the cookie can access it again when you return to the Cookies page can contain information about your IP, what kind of browser you use, what device you use, display preferences, navigation or content. It is important to know that cookies cannot identify you directly, but your IP address may be associated with a country, city or internet provider. Our site may also store cookies for traffic analysis or advertising services such as Google or Facebook in your browser.

4. For what purposes we use cookies on the website ultraproffie.com

Cookies are used to provide you with a personalized and optimized browsing experience through:

Depending on the information received through the cookies, on how this website is used, we can take a series of measures to make this site more efficient and easily accessible to its users, by memorizing certain settings or preferences set by users, such as:

5. How long do cookies last?

The duration of cookies may vary, depending on the purpose for which they are used. There are two main categories, as follows:

Name Domain Expiration Purpose
connectionMode ultraproffie.com 1 year Connection mode preference
cc_cookie ultraproffie.com 1 year Cookie settings
_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmt and utmz , _ga , _gid google.com 2 years Google Analytics cookies
_dc_gtm google.com 2 years Google Tag Manager
g_enabled_idps google.com 2 years Used for Google Single Sign On

6. Cookies placed by third parties

Some features or sections on the pages of this site are provided through third parties. All third party providers of these cookies comply with the data protection rules and the Privacy Policy. These cookies may come from the following third parties: Google, Meta or other companies. We inform you that by accessing our site, third parties may collect data about you as a result of integrating social media plugins, such as "Like" and "Share" buttons, even if you have not pressed them or you are not a member of the respective social networks. Our company is not involved in any way in the data processing operations by the social networks, except for collection and transmission, which take place automatically, without us having access or control over the data collected by the social networks. For more information please consult the privacy policies of the social networks whose plugins are listed on our site (Google, Linked In, etc.).

7. Cookies used on this website

Ultraproffie.com can use the following types of cookies:

8. How to stop cookies

We respect your right to privacy, so you can choose to enable or disable certain types of cookies. You can express your preferences by accessing the cookie management menu. Before doing so, we warn you that disabling or refusing to receive certain cookies may lead to difficulties in browsing this site and may cause limitations on the possibilities of using the site.
You can also configure your browser to reject or accept cookies. You can usually access these settings in the "Options" section or in the "Preferences" menu of your browser.
For further questions about how we use cookies through this website, please email us at